Are you hiring the right catastrophic injury attorney?

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If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, it should be pretty easy to find an attorney to take your case. Most attorneys would jump at the chance to take you as a client. Be careful. Most attorneys are not equipped to handle catastrophic injury cases. They are complex, expensive and require unique experience.

Catastrophic injuries are those that involve significant and often permanent injury. They can be caused by transportation accidents, on trains, cruise ships, motorcycles, planes, etc. They can be caused by a defective product, a dangerous condition on someone else’s property, or even medical malpractice.

Not only are these cases complex, but they significantly affect people’s lives. A victim might never fully recover from the physical and mental trauma of a serious accident. They often result in huge medical bills and the necessity of lifelong medical care. An injured person may never be able to work and support their family again, not to mention the pain and suffering.

There are only a handful of attorneys who we believe have the ability to handle these cases, and it’s because they have the experience to do so. If you lost a loved one in a plane crash, for example, you are going to want an attorney who has been successful in other plane crash cases. Since these accidents are rare, there aren’t many attorneys with that kind of experience.

We often say there is no such thing as the “best” injury attorney, and there technically is no such thing as the best catastrophic injury attorney either. It’s a question of who can best handle your particular case. However, in the area of catastrophic injuries, it’s a little easier to narrow down the list of attorneys if you know what you’re looking for.

A catastrophic accident is often sudden and devastating. You want a law firm with the resources to do everything they can to get you the best outcome possible. Hiring the wrong firm can literally be a multi-million dollar mistake. Your law firm should be willing to spend a lot of money to re-create the accident, preserve evidence, hire jury consultants, prepare victim impact videos and pursue other similar strategies.

If you need help finding a catastrophic injury attorney in Illinois, let us know.