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You can search by either typing in a name of a lawyer (including just their last name) or a law firm name and can narrow your search down by adding a city. You don't have to type in their full name to find what you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for Edward Smith, you can search "Ed" in the first name box and "Smit" in the last name box and still find the lawyer you are looking for along with any other lawyer that fits that criteria. If you just type in "Collins" in the firm name box and hit search, you should find every lawyer that works for a law firm in Illinois with the name Collins in it. Most of the attorneys we list have their formal names in our database not their nicknames. In other words, most lawyers you know by Tom are actually listed as Thomas in our database. The best way to search for that attorney is to put "T" in the first name box and fill out part or all of their last name in the last name box. Search Now

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