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We started our service in 2001 with the goal of changing the way people find a lawyer. There are more than 80,000 licensed attorneys in Illinois. The right attorney for you is not necessarily the right attorney for someone else.

We provide straightforward legal guidance to those looking for answers. The Internet can be an overwhelming place, and while there are some good resources out there, many can be misleading or even wrong. is run by a group of Illinois attorneys who will talk to you for free about any area of Illinois law. Our goal is to answer your questions simply, without all the legalese. And if you want to hire a lawyer to represent you, or just meet with one to see how it goes, we will recommend the best lawyer we know for your specific situation.

Some referral services simply pick a lawyer from a list. We don’t think that helps anyone. When you call us for a referral, we first take the time to really understand what you need. Then, we use our extensive, statewide network of proven attorneys to find you the best lawyer possible.

Unlike other referral services and websites, attorneys don’t pay us to recommend them. Each attorney we recommend is hand picked by us because they have an excellent reputation, a track record of success and positive reviews from past clients.

We are based in Chicago but help people across Illinois. When you call us, you will speak with directly with an attorney, for free. We will answer your questions and if needed, recommend the lawyer we believe can get you the best outcome possible. Most importantly, we never recommend an attorney we wouldn’t consider hiring ourselves if we were in your shoes.