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Since 2001, has been the leading resource for Illinois attorney referrals and legal guidance. People contact us, explain their situation and we do whatever we can to point them in the right direction.

Obviously there is a lot of junk on the internet and we want to make clear what separates us from almost anything else you see out there. First, when you call us you speak with an Illinois attorney with at least 10 years experience. We don’t put you on the line with a paralegal or secretary. You get to ask one of our attorneys questions for free.

Second, we don’t give a name off of a list because someone has paid us. We are not like a 1-800-Dentist type service. When you speak with us we listen to your situation, ask you probing questions and make a recommendation or offer advice based on what we hear from you. Our motto is that we treat our callers like we would a family member or friend. We are big believers in karma and use that as a guide. Nobody pays us a fee to be recommended.

Finally, we don’t mince words. A lot of law firms in Illinois will tell you what you want to hear or are afraid to tell the truth. We are extremely honest in the opinions that we offer and are not afraid to say that we don’t think you have a case or that we can’t help you. We also will tell you what we think you need to do to protect yourself and if we believe there are things you aren’t thinking about, but should, we will tell you. We firmly believe that the best thing we can do is tell it to you straight. As we said, we treat callers like family members or friends. Our family members and friends would want to know the plain truth and we feel you deserve the same.

We are based out of Chicago, but help with cases and legal problems anywhere in Illinois. We are not the ones to represent you, but will point you in the right direction if we can.

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