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How does your site work?

We are lawyers that offer free legal guidance and attorney referrals. We don’t want to represent you, but instead want to point you in the right direction. When you call or e-mail our office, you will speak with a lawyer. That lawyer will answer questions, discuss your situation, often offer advice and if needed, recommend a lawyer that we know personally and feel is the right fit for your situation. No lawyer we recommend works for us. It is our policy to only recommend attorneys to callers who we would recommend to our own family members or friends. We are not the place to find a free lawyer, but will talk to you for free and do whatever we can to help you.

Do you recommend attorneys for all locations in Illinois?

Yes, we have an established network throughout the state of Illinois. We are based in Chicago, but know experienced, reputable attorneys across the entire state.

How do I know this is reputable?

We have been around since April of 2001 and as you see on our testimonials page, we have helped many people with Illinois legal matters. All that said, when you contact us, you can ask us anything you want about our service. We are an open book.

What separates you from other lawyer finding services?

A lot. Almost every service out there has a business model of lawyers paying to be recommended or listed with a website. We are the opposite in that no one we recommend pays us to refer them cases. Instead, we approach every call and referral as if we were advising our closest friends. You will also find that our attorneys are incredibly direct and honest when speaking with you, even if that means telling you that you don’t have a case. We would want to be treated that way if we were calling and believe that you deserve the same respect of being told exactly what we think and why we think it.

Is this service confidential?

Yes. We keep the information that you share with us about your legal matter in strict confidence. We only use the information to find the right attorney for your specific situation. In addition, we do not share the addresses or phone numbers that you provide us with any third party.

Can you recommend an attorney that will not charge me for his/her services?

That depends on the type of case. Cases such as injury claims and some employment law matters may be handled on a contingency basis. That is, you don’t pay anything up front. The lawyer receives a percentage of what he/she recovers for you. If the attorney does not make a recovery, you owe him/her nothing. The attorneys that we recommend who charge an hourly or flat fee (for divorce, DUI and criminal cases for example) do not offer their services for free. If you do not think that you can afford an attorney, please call us to see if we can help you.

What is the win/loss record of the attorney you recommended?

There is no way to know a win/loss record of an attorney because in most cases there is not a clear cut win or loss. Many cases settle, and both parties may be pleased with the outcome. As a result, there is no reliable way to keep track of that information. We recommend attorneys who have achieved successful results for their past clients and who represent their clients to the best of their abilities. And certainly the attorneys we recommend have a track record of success. We have been helping people find the right lawyer for their IL case since 2001 and the feedback we receive from clients also makes clear who is doing a good job and who is not.

How can this service be free?

In some cases, if the lawyer that we recommend to you takes your case, that lawyer will give us a referral fee that is usually a percentage of their fee. This fee does not in any way affect the amount of money that your case is worth. This fee also does not play any role in determining whom we recommend to handle your case. In each and every circumstance, we recommend a lawyer that we truly believe best fits your needs. We do our best for each of our clients even when there will be no referral fee, because if our clients are satisfied, they will come back to us and also recommend our service to their friends and family.

Can you tell me if the lawyer that you recommended has ever been disciplined by the state bar association?

We never knowingly recommend an attorney that has been suspended for ethical conduct by the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois. If you wish to find out if an attorney has been disciplined, we can provide you with a contact number to verify that information.

Does the lawyer I am going to hire have to have an office in my county?

No. A lawyer that is licensed to practice law in Illinois can represent a client in any county in Illinois.

What types of lawyers do you recommend?

We try to help point you in the right direction for every area of Illinois or Federal law. We certainly don’t claim to know a lawyer for everyone or every situation that arises, but we usually can at least provide some strong guidance.

What is the best advice you can give me?

It depends on the type of case you have. If you have been injured, being honest with your doctors is the best thing you can do. If you are going through a divorce, our biggest tip is to be goal focused for both the short term and long term. If you are involved in a criminal matter, you shouldn’t talk to anyone about it except a lawyer. In general when looking for an attorney, we suggest that you find someone who has a narrow practice focus. You wouldn’t go to a cancer doctor who also does foot surgery and delivers babies. We don’t think you should go to a lawyer who tries to be all things to all people either.

If you have any questions about what we do, please contact us at any time. All calls are free and confidential.