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Illinois Employment Law

We are Illinois lawyers, who since 2001, have been offering legal guidance and attorney referrals. Call our office at 312-346-5320 or 800-517-1614 to speak with an attorney for FREE and get pointed in the right direction. Or you can fill out our contact form to tell us about your situation and we will contact you. We can’t promise a result, but we do guarantee that we will be honest and treat you like a family member or friend.

If you are having trouble with work hours, unpaid wages, unfair treatment, harassment, illegal termination, severance or any other employment issue, it can be stressful. We understand that and keep that in mind when we talk to you about your rights and finding a lawyer. We treat anyone that calls us like a friend or relative in giving them caring and honest advice. When we recommend an attorney, it’s someone we would hire ourselves who has a real track record of success and experience. You have certain rights under the law and they are there to protect you, your job and your earnings.

Illinois Employment Law

Perhaps you have a legal issue before a job even begins. If you are asked to sign a non-compete agreement, for example, it’s a good idea to have an attorney look it over. Or maybe you are just beginning to realize that you’ve had an issue for a long time. Maybe your employer owes you months or even years of overtime pay or commissions, or maybe you have been trying for months to get paid the vacation time that you earned before you left your old job. Perhaps you have been discriminated against based on race and the employer hasn’t done anything to correct the problem.

All of these are great reasons to contact an employment attorney. The law protects employees who assert their rights. You can’t legally get fired in Illinois for filing a claim for unpaid wages, for example. By working for your employer, you are providing a benefit and deserve to be compensated. Don’t sit back and let your employer take advantage of what you’ve given them. And the good news is that a consultation with an employment attorney is confidential, and in most cases, free. The attorneys we recommend have helped many people in your same situation in the past. Our goal is to recommend an attorney for you who has done just that. An attorney’s experience and track record of success are two of the most important things we consider.

We understand how important your job is to you. It pays the bills, it provides opportunities for your family and if you’re lucky, it’s something you truly enjoy. You need an employment lawyer with the experience and reputation to protect that. We only recommend attorneys that will look out for you. Since 2001, has been helping people find the right lawyer for their situation. In addition, since we are a law firm ourselves, you can call us, speak with us for free and get answers to your questions or determine if you even have a case at all.

Whether you are already sure that you could use an employment lawyer or whether you are more confused than ever, contacting us can help. We’ll listen to your unique work problem and provide you with advice on how to handle it. If that means you should indeed hire a lawyer, we will refer you to one who we are 100% confident can provide you with the help that you need.