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We are attorneys who help people find the right attorney for their case for every area of Illinois law. The topics on this page are the most common cases we deal with, but having talked with more than 300,000 people since we were founded in 2001, we’ve dealt with almost every single legal issue under the sun. When you call us, you will speak with an Illinois attorney who will answer your initial questions. Our goal is to explain the law in non-legal terms so that it actually makes sense. The next step is up to you. We are not the lawyers who will represent you. We’ve created a statewide network of experienced, hard working, successful law firms who care about their clients and have a track record of success. If you want a referral, we will recommend the best attorney we know for your situation and we always give direct, honest legal guidance. There is no charge for our service.

Our referrals are based on your needs – the type of legal issue you’re facing, where you live, and any preferences you have in an attorney. Based on what you tell us, we will give you the name of an Illinois attorney who we believe is a good fit. We only recommend lawyers we would feel comfortable hiring ourselves or suggesting to a family member or friend. We choose attorneys based on reputation, history of success, client feedback and skill level. All of the attorneys we recommend have at least 10 years of legal experience in their practice area. Most importantly, attorneys do not pay us to recommend them. We seek out attorneys who meet our criteria and only keep them in our network if they continue to meet our standards.

There are thousands of attorneys in Illinois and it’s overwhelming to sift through all the names. Often, very little information is available on law firm websites, especially the type of information that’s most important, such as an attorney’s reputation in the legal community and how they are rated by their clients.

There is no charge for our time or our referrals. We will answer as many questions as you have, as best as we are able, and refer you to an experienced attorney, for free. Some popular areas of law we help with include:

These are not the only areas of law we help with and we will talk to anyone about any Illinois legal matter for free. We are not the place to find a free lawyer, but we have a statewide network that helps callers find the best attorney for their unique legal situation.

When you call or contact us online, the information you share is completely confidential. We want you to feel secure talking to us about your legal issue so that we can provide the most accurate referral possible.

If you would like to talk to one of our attorneys, whether it’s for a referral or just to ask a few questions, call us at (312) 346-5320 or email us here. You usually will speak with an attorney right away, and almost always within 24 hours.