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Do I Need to Hire A Lawyer?

Sometimes the right direction involves not hiring a lawyer at all. When you receive a free consultation from our office, we will help you determine if there are other resources to solve your problem, or if retaining a lawyer would not be cost effective. For example, if you want to file a complaint against your employer for harassment, you may be best served by filing a complaint at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Illinois Department of Human Rights. In another scenario, if you are being sued over a $200.00 debt, we may help you realize that paying an attorney to defend you wouldn’t make financial sense. At times, we help people that contact us by explaining non-legal means available to resolve their problem.

Other times, we help you realize that you have no choice but to hire an attorney. One of our goals is to match people who have good and honest claims with lawyers in the state of Illinois that are experienced, reputable and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. We often say that we only recommend lawyers that we would also recommend to family and friends.

When we do suggest a lawyer, we do not have a set list of Illinois attorneys that we recommend. We also do not allow lawyers to pay us to recommend them. Rather, we use our network and our research to compile a reputable list of lawyers in Illinois so that we may recommend the best one to suit your needs. Feedback from our past clients helps shape this network, as does their experience, practice focus and track record of success.

For some of our callers, just knowing what to ask or what to look for can make the decision process easier.

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