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Just like in any profession, there are people who are good at their jobs and then there are those that should probably consider a career change. That thought holds true with Illinois attorneys. While most are very good at what they do, there’s always that one bad seed who seems to ruin the reputation pool of other attorneys. Those attorneys may fill you full of smoke and mirrors or leave you with unfulfilled expectations.

A good first indicator that you may be dealing with one of the bad seeds is if they guarantee results on any settlement, DUI charge or even family court results. The facts are no one knows for sure how any Judge is going to rule on any given case. There are no guarantees in the legal arena. If an attorney tells you they guarantee any specific results, they are lying to you.

While we will never guarantee a specific result in your case, we do guarantee that upon calling, you will speak with a lawyer for no cost to you, who will in turn recommend an independent law firm who can help you. We are not paid for these referrals, and we will only recommend attorneys who we would also send a friend or family member to in their time of need.

Since we began in 2001, we have successfully helped hundreds of thousands of people. That of course, doesn’t guarantee a win, however it does improve the chances of legal success.

In our opinion, the definition of success is matching you with an experienced attorney who has mastered other similar cases to yours. For example, after a car accident you don’t just want a good Personal Injury attorney. You want an attorney who is well versed in the art of settlement and who has the most victories at trial. Another example would be a divorce case. Finding a qualified divorce attorney isn’t hard. However, what if your spouse owns a business? You would want an attorney who specializes in division of business assets in a divorce to make sure your best financial interests are at the forefront.

There are four key components we look for to make sure an attorney will give you the best chance of reaching your legal goals:

  • Is the attorney a general practice type lawyer or do they only handle certain types of cases? It’s always a good idea to hire an attorney who has a narrow focus in the area of law you need. For instance, you wouldn’t want to hire a divorce attorney to handle a probate case, instead, you would want the attorney who spends 100% of their time focusing on probate law.  
  • If there is not an attorney in your area who has the specific specialty you are seeking, but if there is an attorney who has the ability to show that they have handled hundreds of cases like yours in the past; then we would be comfortable recommending them to you.
  • How the attorney’s fees will be accommodated should make a difference in the attorney you hire. For instance, will the attorney’s fees be paid by a percentage of what you will recover or will you be paying by the hour? If you have to pay an attorney by the hour, you could see your money quickly disappear to things like travel time if you have hired an attorney who is not close to the county in which the case will be or has been filed.
  • Is the attorney familiar with the courtroom where your legal issue will be heard? Someone not familiar with the legal arena may say what does that matter? It could make all the difference. Having established relationships with the other attorneys and the judge who may end up hearing your case will give your attorney the expertise to effectively argue your case which may tip the scales in your favor. However, there are some types of cases and complex situations where this may not be as important.

It is important to say again, there is nothing that can guarantee legal success. You may take steps to increase the odds of obtaining the results you wish to obtain. The first step would be to contact us. Our role is to listen to your legal issue and answer your questions. We will also recommend a qualified successful attorney to assist you in obtaining a positive result.

If you would like our help in finding an attorney or qualified lawyer in your area or if you just have general legal questions, please call us at (800) 517-1614. We are based in Chicago, but help people with legal matters throughout Illinois.