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Department of Professional Regulation Investigations

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We have helped thousands of people and are especially good at niche situations. An example of this is when doctors, nurses, mortgage brokers and other professionals in Illinois have their professional license threatened.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) is responsible for overseeing more than one million professionals in nearly 100 industries in order to protect and promote the lives of Illinois consumers. The Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (IDPR) is a division of the IDFPR whose mission is to serve, safeguard and promote the health, safety and welfare of the public by ensuring that licensure qualifications and standards for professional practice are properly evaluated, applied and enforced.

The IDPR is divided into two divisions: the licensing and testing division and the enforcement division. The licensing and testing division ensures that all professionals seeking to be licensed in Illinois meet specific requirements to practice in their chosen fields. The enforcement division is legislatively mandated to administer and enforce 46 separate legislative acts that regulate the conduct of many professions and occupations in Illinois, such as accountants, dentists, engineers, locksmiths, physicians, and real estate brokers to name a few.

Once a complaint has been filed against a licensee and reviewed by the IDPR, it is assigned to an IDPR investigator who is responsible for determining whether there has been a violation of licensing laws, or IDPR rules and regulations. Common violations include: practicing unlicensed, practicing on a non-renewed license, failing to meet educational requirements, failing to report an arrest or criminal conviction, and engaging in unprofessional conduct.

If there appears to be sufficient evidence of a violation the case is assigned a prosecuting attorney. The prosecuting attorney may decide to hold a formal disciplinary hearing before the appropriate professional board or committee and an IDPR Hearing Officer. The hearing may result in the license to remain in good standing or license termination, revocation or suspension.

It is important for people faced with a violation complaint or disciplinary hearing to have an attorney represent them. The attorneys we recommend have valuable knowledge and first-hand experience regarding licensing issues and handling IDPR investigations and hearings.

If you are faced with an investigation we offer some valuable advice. First, before agreeing to be interviewed by an IDPR investigator or signing any written statement, consult with an attorney. At this point, it is best to take the time to calm down and collect your thoughts rather than saying anything in the heat of the moment causing you to inadvertently harm your case. Second, do not agree to turn over any records or documents to the investigator, unless the investigator has a subpoena or a warrant for such. For example, if you are a physician, turning over patient records to the investigator would violate patient privacy laws. Lastly, remember that your license and livelihood is on the line. It is therefore best to kindly refuse to answer any questions or demands regarding the complaint and indicate that you need to consult with an attorney before doing so.

If you are being investigated by the IDPR it is very important that you hire an attorney who has handled hundreds of similar matters and can demonstrate a track record of success with these cases. Since IDPR defense is a rather niche area of law, there are very few attorneys who can show this experience. If you would like our help in finding an experienced attorney for your unique situation please do not hesitate to contact us contact us. All calls are free and confidential. The attorneys we recommend are not free, but they have a track record of success in helping professionals avoid a loss of their career.