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Illinois Class Action Legal Help

A class action is a lawsuit in which the claims of many similarly situated people are decided in one case. It is a great tool for consumers because often the harm suffered by an individual is not enough to bring a lawsuit. However, when a class action is brought it allows individuals to come together as a group and assert their rights.

We are attorneys in Chicago who have helped bring class action lawsuits all across the United States. We will speak with you for free, answer your questions and evaluate if there is the basis for bringing a lawsuit.

To determine if a class action is viable, there are several things to look at, including:

  • NUMBERS – Are there enough people affected by the illegal activity?
  • COMMON PROBLEMS – Are the same legal issues shared by the affected people and are the claims of the people bringing the suit similar to that of the entire class?
  • ADEQUATE REPRESENTATON – Will bringing a class action lawsuit adequately represent the interests of the entire class?

If it does appear that a lawsuit is worth pursuing, we will recommend an experienced class action firm that has a track record of success in cases similar to yours. There is no cost to you nor is there a commitment to proceed with the case. Quite often companies make decisions that screw over the little guy because they don’t think anyone will do anything about it. By meeting with a law firm that knows how to win these cases, you can decide if you want to be the person that stops these companies from their shenanigans.

We have helped in a wide variety of class action lawsuits. Some of these include:

  • Employees of a large company who were denied overtime benefits.
  • Airline customers whose mileage rewards were improperly taken away
  • Lawsuit against a baby formula company for tainted product.
  • A case against a TV maker for false advertising.
  • Lawsuit against a car manufacturer for dangerous acceleration issues relating to their cars.
  • We have sued numerous banks for improper or hidden fees.
  • Multiple cases against mortgage companies for improper denials of loan modifications.
  • Litigation against the NCAA for improper handling of concussions.
  • Multiple cases for employees who were wrongly classified as independent contractors.

This is just a small sample of the claims we’ve investigated and referred out for litigation. No matter your case though, we’ll evaluate it and recommend an attorney who has experience with a similar situation.

The following links will help you learn more about how these cases work and working with a law firm.

If you are think that you have been the victim of consumer fraud or may have the basis for a class action lawsuit, it is natural that you would have questions.. You can also contact us and speak with one of our staff Illinois lawyers for free at any time. All calls and e-mails are 100% confidential. We don’t promise a result, but we will guarantee that we will do whatever we can to help you.