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Illinois Fathers Rights Lawyers

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Illinois Fathers Rights LawyersFathers rights lawyers often proclaim themselves as a major asset to fathers who would otherwise know little about the rights they have during a custody or child support case. Firms that market themselves as fathers rights lawyers, in our opinion, use that label as a marketing tool to prey upon the fears that fathers have in order to encourage fathers into hiring them.

These firms will tell you that the family law system is biased against men, meaning men can not only lose custody of their children, have very few visitation rights, and large bills for child support. We have found that fathers make common mistakes in child custody cases that further perpetuate the notion that family law is biased against men.

For example, fathers commonly allow the mother of the child to act as if she is the Judge and tell them when and where they can see their kids. She has no right to do that and neither does the dad. By not getting in to court they allow themselves to be pushed around. In many cases the mom will ask for more and more simply because she gets away with it. No money to her, no time with the kids. Your new girlfriend is spending the night? The kids can’t. There is nothing in the law about this, you are just letting it happen.

In our opinion, there is no special skill involved as an attorney in representing a father or a mother, which is why we generally oppose firms that market themselves as fathers or mothers rights lawyers.

As a lawyer, you have the duty to passionately represent your client and advocate for them on their behalf, regardless of gender. There should be no such thing as fathers rights or mothers rights lawyers. Rather, a good family lawyer is equally capable of handling a child custody case, regardless of whether he or she represents the mother or the father. Either your attorney fights for you or they don’t. The lawyers we recommend are fighters for their clients.

In child custody cases, the issues are the same for the majority parenting time parent and the same for the parent with less than the majority parenting time. Gender has little effect on these issues. The concern should be the children’s rights. The child has a right to appropriate parenting from both parents, the love and respect of both parents, time with both parents, and to be provided with the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing from both parents.

There is one father’s rights law firm in Chicago that we get calls about 1-3 times a week. The story seems to be the same. They charged me a ton of money, didn’t do what they said they would and I have gotten no results for my money. That’s not father’s rights, that’s just bad lawyering. They probably do achieve success on some cases, but when we hear the same story over and over it’s quite a warning sign.

We are attorneys who are blunt, honest and straight forward in our approach. We don’t seek to represent you, but rather have a goal of connecting people with honest, experienced attorneys who we feel are the best solution for your case. If we recommend an attorney to you we would have to be willing to suggest that same lawyer to a friend otherwise we wouldn’t make a referral. Please contact us at any time if you want our help.