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What to Look For In a Traffic Attorney

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What to Look For In a Traffic AttorneyHundreds of thousands of traffic cases are heard each year in Illinois. It is no surprise that traffic courts hear more cases than any court. The most common traffic violations are speeding, running a red light, or failure to provide proof of insurance. While there are hundreds of traffic lawyers in Illinois in places like Cook County, Skokie, Bloomington, etc., unfortunately very few have the qualities that we think you should look for in an attorney.

You may think one traffic offense is no big deal, however multiple traffic offenses can result in large fines, loss of driving privileges, and/or substantial increase in insurance costs. Frequently, an appearance in traffic court is required. Court appearances are mandatory for more serious offenses, such as driving under the influence (DUI) and reckless driving, where a jail sentence is possible.

Regardless of the specific Illinois traffic violation you have received, we highly recommend hiring an Illinois traffic defense lawyer. However, we do not recommend hiring a lawyer if you have been charged with speeding and can get supervision on your own or a municipal violation that doesn’t go on your record, like a ticket that arrives in the mail for running a red light.

Although it doesn’t guarantee a result, we believe that hiring a lawyer dramatically increases your chances for success. So what should you look for in a good Illinois traffic attorney?

First, look for an attorney that concentrates their practice in traffic law and regularly appears in the court your ticket will be contested in. Good results in these cases are often about relationships. Second, they give you a free consultation and quote you a flat fee up front to handle the case beginning to end. Third, they treat you with respect and works with you to achieve your goals. If you don’t want to plead guilty they should be willing to go to trial. Fourth, they promptly return phone calls and keep you informed of any important updates. Finally, while it’s not mandatory, we don’t suggest you hire a traffic attorney in Illinois with less than five years of experience. Most of the lawyers we recommend have 10-20 years experience.

These are just some of the traits we suggest to look for before hiring an Illinois traffic defense attorney. We drive everyday and often take for granted how difficult our daily lives would be without a driver’s license. While we can’t guarantee a result, the traffic attorneys we recommend can negotiate a result for you that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do on your own, can possibly keep your insurance premium down, and help you keep your license. If you have any questions about your situation please do not hesitate to contact us. We are attorneys in Illinois who answer questions and recommend independent lawyers based on the specifics of your case. All calls are free and confidential.