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What Makes a Great Illinois Employment Lawyer?

We are Illinois lawyers, who since 2001, have been offering legal guidance and attorney referrals. Call our office at 312-346-5320 or 800-517-1614 to speak with an attorney for FREE and get pointed in the right direction. Or you can fill out our contact form to tell us about your situation and we will contact you. We can’t promise a result, but we do guarantee that we will be honest and treat you like a family member or friend.

What Makes a Great Illinois Employment Lawyer?People contact us to find Illinois lawyers for employment law matters, as well as other areas of Illinois law. When we recommend a lawyer, we try to suggest someone that focuses their practice on the specific area of law pertinent to the client’s needs. Employment law embodies a variety of specialties, such as employment discrimination, wrongful termination (which in Illinois is really illegal termination), unemployment compensation, whistle blower protection, overtime pay, labor law, employee benefits law, and general contract law. We know the most experienced employment law attorneys and law firms in Illinois specializing in all employment law fields, and we would be happy to refer you to one of them to discuss your matters in detail. The following are other characteristics possessed by top Illinois employment lawyers who we recommend:

  • They have at least seven years of experience in handling employment law cases in Illinois. Most of the Illinois employment law attorneys we recommend have been practicing for at least 15 years. You want someone whose practice is in employment law and who has been doing it for enough years to know what to look for, what to ask and the best way to go about fighting for their clients.
  • They have extensive knowledge of the intricacies of Illinois and federal employment law evidenced by a well-rounded employment law practice. You want someone whose career is in employment law and who knows it extremely well because there are many facets to this area of law.
  • They have extensive experience in the type of employment law most applicable to your situation. In other words, not all employment lawyers handle a lot of severance reviews or a track record of winning overtime lawsuits. You want the lawyer whose experience and practice is the right match for you and your case.
  • They understand the importance and sensitivity of employment issues and how they affect the client’s life. Since an employment matter is dealing with your livelihood, it is understandably of great importance to you and can, oftentimes, be an extremely sensitive situation. A good Illinois employment lawyer knows this and works to protect you and fight for you at the same time.
  • They do a lot of work in the geographical area where your case is. This has a number of advantages, including possibly having had dealings with your employer before and also having an established rapport with the judge and other court personnel assigned to your case.
  • They keep their clients up to date with all important developments in the case. A good lawyer will not keep you in the dark. First, you are the customer. Second, a good lawyer will want to talk with you about strategy and reassessing your goals as each major development takes place. A good lawyer is a good case manager.
  • They are completely truthful with their clients and the prospects of success in their lawsuit. A good attorney will be honest with you at all times. You certainly don’t want someone who is taking your case purely for the money when they know there is no chance for success. Also, as a case progresses, you want an attorney who will be truthful about how things are going and how things look down the line.
  • They consider the needs and desires of their clients when making decisions or recommendations on their client’s behalf. Your best interests should always be paramount as your lawyer, after all, is representing you and no one else in the matter.

These are just some of the traits we look for before we recommend an Illinois employment attorney or law firm. There is no such thing as the “best” Illinois employment attorney, but rather we try to help you locate the best Illinois employment lawyer for your needs. If you have any question about Illinois or federal employment laws or would like a referral to an experienced Illinois employment lawyer, please call us at (312) 346-5320 or (800) 517-1614 or fill out our contact us form and we will contact you. All calls and e-mails are free and confidential.