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Criminal Cases and OOP's at 555 W. Harrison in Chicago

The criminal court at 555 W. Harrison is the hearing location for almost all domestic violence charges in the City of Chicago as well as misdemeanor jury trials and many hearings on orders of protection. In Illinois, there is a no-drop policy for domestic violence charges. This means that the prosecutor will not drop the charges even if the victim changes his or her story. Unlike other crimes, court supervision is not an option for you if you are charged with domestic battery. So either you get the charges dropped or the case is on your record forever.

Similarly, orders of protection can show up on background checks and can be used to entrap you in a manner that will result in you getting arrested for violating the order. It’s serious business if you have one of these hearings and you would be wise to have an attorney present with you. Because the Judges at 555. W. Harrison have to deal with thousands of cases, some of them will not take the time to listen to a person who does not have a lawyer on their side.

The judges and prosecutors that handle the domestic violence and misdemeanor jury and bench trials have years of experience with those cases. If you are convicted of domestic violence or a misdemeanor following a trial, you can be sentenced to prison in a State facility. So, if you have a criminal charge at 555 W. Harrison in Chicago, it is important that you hire an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney that will fight to defend you and one who regularly appears at that courthouse. Having an attorney who already knows the prosecutors and judges at 555 W. Harrison can only benefit you. This won’t guarantee a result in your case, but gives you the best chance of success in our opinion.

The Chicago criminal lawyers that we recommend for domestic violence and misdemeanors almost exclusively defend criminal charges. We know and recommend lawyers that do a lot of work at 555 W. Harrison and have a track record of success at that courthouse. If you would like a referral to an attorney that defends criminal charges at 555 W. Harrison or have general questions about criminal laws in Chicago or Cook County, please call us at (312) 346-5320 or (800) 517-1614 or fill out our contact us form and we will contact you.