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Robbery in Illinois

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Robbery in IllinoisRobbery is similar to burglary. Robbery is the taking of property from another person, by means of force or fear. The key difference between robbery and burglary is the use of force or fear. For example, if you went to the store and grabbed money from the register when no one was looking, in Illinois you would likely be charged with burglary. However, if you told the cashier that you had a gun to entice them to give you the money, then in Illinois you would likely be charged with robbery.

What is aggravated robbery and armed robbery?

Aggravated robbery is where there is not only force or fear but a statement or suggestion that you have a weapon or gun. Armed robbery is wear a weapon is actually used.

What is the possible punishment for these crimes?

The possible punishments for these types of cases will vary from case to case depending on the circumstances. Typically, robbery is a class 2 felony carrying a prison term of 2 to 7 years unless it was in a school zone or place of worship which will make it a class 1 felony carrying a prison term of 4 to 15 years.

Aggravated robbery is punishable by a prison term of 4 to 30 years but again, it depends on the circumstances. Likewise, armed robbery is punishable by a prison term of 6 to 30 years but if someone is hurt or killed in the process of the robbery, it can be up to 60 years.

What are some circumstances that would change the sentencing?

Circumstances that could affect sentencing include whether the robbery was part of a home invasion, whether a motor vehicle was taken, the age of the victim or whether the victim was physically handicapped and, as mentioned above, whether there was threat of use of a weapon or actual use of a weapon as well as whether the act was done in a school zone or house of worship.

Advice on hiring a lawyer

There is no such thing as the “best” robbery defense attorney in Chicago, Peoria, Waukegan or wherever your case is. You need to find the best lawyer for your case. This usually means hiring an attorney whose main practice focus is criminal defense and also it means a lawyer who can show a track record of defending similar cases. If you have a charge that can put you in jail for years like robbery, your life is pretty much on the line. You need to have an attorney in your corner who will fight to get the best possible result for you.

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