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Federal Criminal Defense in Illinois

We are Illinois lawyers who can help you find the best criminal defense lawyer for your case. We help with every criminal court in Cook County, Will County and DuPage County. The lawyers we recommend fight for their clients and have a track record of success. Call our office at 312-346-5320 to speak with an attorney for FREE. You can also fill out our contact form to tell us about your situation and we will contact you.

While the majority of criminal charges are brought in state courts (DUI’s, battery, traffic, etc.), there are some criminal charges that are prosecuted by the federal government. There are numerous crimes that can bring charges in federal court. These are crimes that are either specifically mentioned in the constitution or authorized by congress. Many of those crimes are called “white collar crimes” because they are criminal acts that are committed by business people. In these cases the harm caused is economic, usually a taking of a significant amount of money. Some white collar crimes include:

  • Accounting fraud:
  • Bank fraud
  • Computer crimes
  • Mail fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Securities fraud
  • Wire fraud

Other criminal charges commonly filed in federal court include:

  • Bank robbery
  • Drug charges
  • Corruption against elected officials
  • Charges against organized crime
  • Terrorism
  • Crimes committed on federal property

These are some of the most common federal criminal charges, but certainly is not an exhaustive list. We are attorneys in Chicago. Since 2001 we have run with the goal of finding you the right lawyer for your case. While the firms we recommend are not free, there is no fee for our service nor does anyone pay us to recommend them.

There are many Illinois lawyers that are experienced in defending criminal charges in state court. However, if you have a federal criminal charge it is very important that you are represented by someone with experience defending federal crime cases as they are much different than Illinois state court matters. Fortunately we know many good Illinois lawyers with a lot of experience defending federal charges, including many attorneys that used to work for the Department of Justice and now are in private law practice in Illinois. They have the connections, track record of success and understanding of how to handle these very serious cases. That doesn’t guarantee you a result, but does give you the best chance of success.

If you are facing Federal charges or being investigated, it’s important for you to get ahead of the case. In plain English that means that a good attorney can often prevent charges from being brought in the first place or get them thrown out when they do happen. It’s also important that you educate yourself. For additional helpful information please click on the following links.

If you have any questions about federal criminal defense laws or would like a referral to an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer please do not hesitate to contact us. All inquiries are free and confidential.