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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

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Cubital Tunnel SyndromeCubital tunnel syndrome is a consistent feeling of pain in your elbow, commonly described as a recurring feeling of hitting your “funny bone”. Similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, common signs of cubital tunnel syndrome are numbness in the ring and pinky fingers of the hand, as well as weakness in the arm muscles.

Cubital tunnel syndrome is caused when the ulnar nerve, which runs from your neck through the end of your pinky and ring fingers, becomes irritated the elbow from pressure or injury. Cubital tunnel syndrome gets its name from the tiny tunnel formed between bone, muscle, and ligament in the elbow through which the ulnar nerve passes.

What causes cubital tunnel syndrome?

Whenever the elbow is bent or leaned on repetitively or for long periods of time, the ulnar nerve is put under pressure. Over time, the constant pressure on the nerve can cause the nerve to become irritated and affect the manner in which the nerve works, at which time cubital tunnel syndrome has developed. Cubital tunnel syndrome is frequent in jobs that require the elbow to remain in a flexed position for long periods of time, such as in movers, or jobs that require repetitive flexing and relaxing of the elbow, such as guitarist or a person working with levers.

Diagnosis of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

If you experience constant pain in the elbow and/or numbness and tingling in your outer hand, you should contact a physician immediately to be tested for cubital tunnel syndrome. The physician will test the pattern of your symptoms, the strength of the muscles in the arm, and the irritability of the ulnar nerve in your elbow in order to diagnose whether you have cubital tunnel syndrome or another disorder with similar symptoms, such as a pinched nerve in the neck.

Treating Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Depending on the amount of pressure that has been put on the nerve, cubital tunnel can be treated in several different ways. If the amount of irritation is minimal, the syndrome can be treated by simply resting the arm and adjusting the pattern of elbow use in everyday life. If the pressure is severe or if other treatments are ineffective, a surgery adjusting the positioning of the nerve can be used to treat the problem.

Work Related Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Everyone who has job related cubital tunnel syndrome is entitled to 100% of their medical care to be paid for, which means no co-pays or out of pocket expenses. In addition, any time that you have missed at work due to cubital tunnel syndrome may be entitled to compensation from your employer. Finally, if you have work related cubital tunnel syndrome you are also entitled to benefits for the permanent nature of your injury. The amount you may be entitled to depends on your ultimate recovery as well as how much money you were earning at the time your injury was diagnosed. There is no way to tell how much that would be without reviewing your medical records and learning more about your situation.

Attorney’s fees

Whether you have cubital tunnel syndrome from a job injury, car accident or other manner, the lawyers that we recommend for those cases work on a contingency basis. That means that there is no fee unless they make a recovery for you. These attorneys also advance all of the costs of bringing a case.

If you are looking for a lawyer that is experienced with cubital tunnel claims in Illinois or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at (312) 346-5320. Since 2001 we have helped thousands of people in Illinois with similar problems and would be happy to help you.