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Understanding Worker’s Compensation Injuries

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Worker’s compensation is meant to protect employees who have sustained injuries while on the job. When an employee is injured while on the job they could be eligible of benefits including coverage of medical expenses and compensations for lost income during recovery. It is also possible that an injured worker receives a settlement to avoid litigation.

An employer may recover from an injury if it is in any way related to their job. This means you don’t have to be physically present at your workplace. If you are completing any task that is work-related, whether or not it is on the clock, and are injured in the process, you may be able to recover. For example, if you are commuting for the purposes of work and get in a car crash, likely the injury will be covered under worker’s compensation.

There are numerous different types of causes of work-related injuries in Illinois:

  1. Trauma: a one-time injury that often is easier to establish that the job caused the injury
    1. EX: lifting accidents, fall from ladders, being hit by a forklift, etc.
  2. Repetitive stress: injury that occur over time from repeated motions or movements
    1. EX: carpal tunnel, overhead lifting causing a shoulder injury, etc.
  3. Occupational illness: develop from a hazardous workplace that are harder to prove but often covered
    1. EX: ingesting toxic fumes or harmful substances

There are many situations in which the connection between the injury and work is not so clear-cut. In these cases, employers and/or their insurance carrier will deny benefits. Arbitrators who are in charge of handling claims are the individual deciding whether coverage will be applied. In these blurry line cases, it is important to have a seasoned attorney handling your claim as they will have experience with adjusters and going to trial. And if they do a good job, they will fight for you.

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