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Walmart Workers’ Comp Claims In Illinois

If you have been injured on the job at Walmart, we can protect you. Contact us at 800-517-1614 to speak with a lawyer for free.

When you think of American “big box” stores, Walmart is one of the first to come to mind. There are over 4600 Walmart stores in the United States. About 150 of those are located in Illinois.

Walmart is known for their discount prices, but it is unfortunately also known as an employer that doesn’t have the best work conditions and doesn’t treat its employees very well.

Walmart employees who are hurt on the job contact us on a regular basis. We see a variety of work injuries including the following:

  1. Falls. Broken liquid items that spill onto the floor, an overflowing toilet in the bathrooms, and spilled coffee are just a few of the hazards that can cause a slip and fall. Falls from ladders is also a risk.
  2. Lifting injury. Lifting inventory in boxes from the trucks at the docks to the warehouse and then out to the store shelves can lead to a variety of acute or repetitive injuries, especially to the back and shoulders. It can also lead to a one time injury where these or other body parts are damaged.
  3. Machinery accidents. Forklifts, motorized scooters and other machines are constantly zooming around Walmarts. There often cause accidents that lead to broken bones, damaged muscles, etc.
  4. Assault by a customer or fellow employee. Unfortunately, with the number of employees and customers that are in Walmart each day, some conflicts or dangerous incidents do arise. Security guards are on the premises to deter violent behavior and intervene if an assault occurs, but not all violent attacks are prevented.
  5. Cashier injuries due to repetitive actions.

Some injured Walmart employees who reach out to us are afraid that they won’t be able to find lawyers who will “take on” their huge employer. They often don’t feel valued by Walmart to start with, and now that they are injured, they feel powerless because Walmart is such a giant corporation. They are worried that they will have a team of lawyers that will be impossible to overcome.

That is not the case at all. We know workers compensation attorneys that have successfully represented Walmart workers in hundreds of cases.

No matter where you work in Illinois, you are entitled to the same benefits as anyone else under Illinois workers compensation laws. There won’t be a “team of lawyers” against you and if you have an experienced, tough lawyer in your corner, you should achieve success. Put another way, we aren’t afraid of Walmart as there’s nothing to fear.

If you would like a lawyer to fight for you and for a workers comp settlement against Walmart, contact us at 312-346-5320. We cover all of Illinois.